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"What will I drive while my car is being repaired?" - We can help!

Free Loaner car program

We can provide you with a Loaner Car to be used for the duration of the repair - including overnight!


  • Avoid expensive rental car fees
  • Have all necessary repairs performed in 1 trip - rather than over multiple visits
  • Less time missed at work means a reduced net cost of the repair (As well as a happier boss)
  • More time available for things that are more fun that car repair


  • Must be age 21 or older
  • We require a copy of your drivers license and current insurance card


1Do I need to put gas in the vehicle?

In 99% of situations, No.
In the 1% of situations when you drive it far enough to run out of gas, Yes!

We try to keep all vehicles over 50% full. If a loaner car is close to empty when you pick it up at our shop, simply fill it up and give us the receipt and we will reimburse you for it.

2Is there any cost?

No. it is Free!

3How far can i drive it?

How ever far you need to drive while your car is being repaired.

Red Ford Focus courtesy car
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